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Project: And One, an ATS entity, is a refreshing approach to get more businesses involved in local outreach efforts within the community by investing in their own business marketing and branding.

When a businesses applies to become a partner of Project: And One, they not only aid in creating a platform  for local and upcoming designers to showcase their work, but they also help generate funds thats are then donated to schools, youth programs, and other charitable organizations within the community that are striving to make a difference.



These people take pride on what they do!


Their services were great. Answered my problems quick.


Its easy when things go right. Find a company that will stick with you when its not easy. These guys will.

Who do I contact if there are technical difficulties with any of my products?

Please contact our support team via email at info@getatstoday,com

Who gets my money?

When you purchase a service through ATS, a portion of your money will go towards your project, and the other portion will go to a collection pot to contribute to the community through local designers, school/youth programs, and organizations.

Who do ATS and Project: And One represent?

ATS’s clientele are distinguished businesses that not only want to create a revolving platform for themselves but also want to influence other businesses to get involved with servicing the community through Project: And One.

Project: And One represents both the businesses involved in the community as well as the local designers and organizations that proceeds are given.

When will the selected designer and organization receive the portion of my money donated?

Proceeds to the designer will be delivered immediately upon payment for your project. Schools and organizations will receive their payments at the end of the quarter.

What is Project: And One?

Project: And One an innovative approach created to get more local businesses involved in outreach efforts within the community through investing in their own business branding and marketing.

What are the benefits?

With Project: And One, businesses receive recognition and sponsorship for developing platforms for aspiring designers and partnering with local schools/youth programs and organizations to create a positive and standing impact throughout the community.

When will my service be complete?

Turnaround times for projects vary depending upon many factors including packages purchased and size of the project.

Where do I sign up to become a partner of Project: And One?

When you purchase a service through ATS, your company is automatically reviewed to see if it qualifies as a partner.